Know all the opinions about bitcoin halving

Opinions about bitcoin halving 2020 remain divided, both pastures before the event is established for May this year 2020 has detractors and those who support and justify the measure, it is an event that occurs every four years because it was designed to occur by the developers of the bitcoin platform.

The objective of this bitcoin halving is to reduce the number of digital currencies in the hands of the public, it is achieved with the reduction of 50 percent of the reward to mining, a measure that promotes the stabilization of the number of bitcoins in circulation by extending this way the time before the maximum limit of coins that can be issued according to the bitcoin configuration is reached.
The maximum cap and the reward to miners have established parameters since the coin was launched to the market, events like this will continue to happen every four years, this reduction guarantees that the cap on coins in circulation will not be reached so soon if not taken This measure according to experts in a few years would already reach the 21 million bitcoins projected as a cap.
As it was said at the beginning the opinions are divided to know what is the position before the bitcoin halving 2020, you must consult what the experts say and find the predictions that are made from both sides, nobody can have absolute certainty that it will happen but if They can approach some conclusions based on what has happened in the two previous events and some new elements that will impact this year’s event.
Being informed is the basis for making good decisions, whether you are a miner, buyer or seller of bitcoins, you know from a good source what could happen with the digital currency from May 2020, given the inevitability of the event that everyone issues Your opinion so that stakeholders can get an idea of the different scenarios and can make sound decisions about it.